Training in the channel, October 2009

As Head of Marketing and Communications globally for Earthwatch, an international environmental organization, I’ve decided to embark on a once in a lifetime challenge. Next summer, I’m going to attempt to swim the English Channel. The challenge is both professional and personal: to raise awareness of the effects of climate change and pollution on the world’s oceans, funds for research, and to push myself to the limits of physical endurance. For fun.

Often dubbed ‘the Everest of open water swimming’, swimming the Channel is widely regarded as one of the most extreme physical challenges in the world. The 21-mile swim involves battling with the cold, tides and tankers – the Channel is one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Training involves a year’s worth of swimming and cross training, culminating in a compulsory 6-hour sea swim before the attempt can be made. The swim itself can take anything up to 21 hours – if you make it. Less than 60 people attempt the crossing every year and more than half fail.

I’m writing a regular blog on my challenge and environmental issues, which is also featured on ‘the green CNN’ www.treehugger.com.

I’m also writing a training diary for Quorn, one of my challenge sponsors.

Help me to raise money for climate change and oceans research by visiting the my sponsorship page http://justgiving.com/channelblogger and make a donation – thank you!


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